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Tips to Prevent Mold in El Centro, CA

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

A property with excessive moisture that lingers is a prime environment for mold growth. But, if you’re able to keep your property dry, you significantly reduce the chances of allowing mold being able to settle on any surface or materials, eliminating the need to call for professional mold remediation services. The experts at ServiceMaster A Plus Restoration have provided a number of helpful tips to keep mold growth within your property at bay.

Use Dehumidifiers
Whether it's a dehumidifier unit attached to your HVAC unit or a stand-alone dehumidifier, by reducing the moisture in the air, you’ll be able to remove any form of excess water faster. So if you have a flood, a water intrusion, or simply high levels of humidity within your property, a dehumidifier will help remove moisture and reduce the chances of mold growth.

Make Sure Your Home Is Weather-Sealed
At least once a year, have an expert inspect the weather sealing on your windows, doors, and any other place where water may be able to enter your property. If any cracks are found within the seals or structures, properly repair or replace them to ensure maximum protection.

Inspect the Low-Traffic Areas
Have a professional inspect your low-traffic areas (attic, basement, crawlspaces, etc.) for signs of mold or water damage, annually. When mold affects these areas, they often go unnoticed, as they are the least inspected areas. When mold growth occurs in these areas, mold is able to grow and expand freely without being disturbed.

Keep Your Fans Working
There's a reason there's a fan in almost every bathroom and kitchen. Although many believe they are to remove smells and odors,their primary purpose is to remove moisture build up and humidity. As a person showers or a pot is steaming, moisture can often build up on the walls or any nearby surface, creating a perfect environment for mold growth. By using your fans, you can effectively remove moisture from the area without worrying about mold growth.

Watch Your Plumbing
One of the most common items to look over in your property is your plumbing. A leak or a burst pipe can often result in a mold infestation. To ensure your pipes are in proper order, contact a professional plumber to examine your pipes and their pressure to find any indications of a leak within your walls.

It’s imperative to understand the causes of mold growth as it can help you prevent it from happening within your property. But if you discover mold growth within your property, call the El Centro mold remediation experts at ServiceMaster A Plus Restoration.We’re your local experts who can provide mold remediation services and will have your property mold-free.

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