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Case Studies

Case Studies

Burst Sprinkler Pipe in Anaheim, CA
This commercial building owner had a water emergency! As the winter approaches and the temperature drops - the water inside the pipes of your building can freeze. The water...
Water Damage from Roof Leak
Water Damage in Roof and walls inside home.
Water Damage from Water Heater
Water Heater Line Burst and Damaged the walls, floors, and kitchen cabinets.
Corona Water Damage
Kitchen disaster.  Water damaged spread through out the entire kitchen and ruined the flooring and bottom of kitchen cabinets.  What happened you asked,.......let...
Water Heater Line Burst
Water Heater Line Burst creating water damage in the kitchen and laundry room.  Kitchen cabinets, dry wall and flooring needed repair/replacement.
Water Leak Caused by Sprinkler system failure
Sprinkler line burst causing major water damage to exterior walls, then interior walls, then flooring and finally kitchen cabinets.  Water Damager emergency making all...
Perris Home Flood
Family came home to find a flood in their home.  The water line to the washing machine had disconnected while the family was away.  Damage was created in the floors,...
Laundry Room Disaster
Laundry Room flooding, caused by water line coming undone.  Water line to washing machine was disconnected and water damage caused the flooring and dry wall to be in...
Fridge Water Line Disconnected
Water line to fridge was disconnected over the weekend.  Water Damage created mold growth in flooring.
Mold Job Rancho Mirage
This is what happens when you neglect to take care of water damage right away.  Black Mold comes to town. ServiceMaster was able to abate and treat the area.  No...
Water Heater Line Burst
Water Heater Line Burst, no more hot water.  Thank Goodness this hapenned during the summer.  Average temp was 103.  Repair require the removal of all the carpet...
Water Heater Line Damage
Water Heater Line broke causing damage to the flooring of the bathroom and the bedrooms of the home.  The carpeting was soaked and hardwood floor had warped due to the...
Water Heater Line Break in Earp, CA
Water Heater Line Broke and hot water was everywhere, but in the shower.  Flooring was in really bad shape and the walls were wicking.  Homeowners lost their living...
Roof Leak
What started out as a drop, turned into a stream
Kitchen Water Line Burst between walls
Water line burst behind the wall, and homeowner did not become aware of it for a few days.  So, the damage was extensive.  Moldy drywall, moldy flooring, warped...
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