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For several years our office has used the service provided by Service Master, our clients and I have been very satisfied with their prompt response, timely in work performed, quality of workmanship and available to answer questions. We have been in business for over thirty years and in that time we have used a number of different vendors.  Our experience with some has ranged from very poor to somewhat good.  It is difficult to state that any vendor has been constantly good with no exception, Service Master has been there when we needed them.  In providing a service to our clients in a speedy manner with results that made our clients happy that they were insured with Allied Insurance and got the help they needed at the time of their loss. I strongly recommend Service Master for the Allied Insurance Blue Ribbon Service. Thank you Willie Thomas
Willie T. of Huntington Beach, CA
Thursday, January 7th
I'm sorry this letter is so late but I did not forget you and how nice you were dealing with us on our clean up.  I want to let you know that I appreciate the excellent job done by ServiceMaster and Carter and his crew. Please pass this along to all parties and let them know the excellent experience I had with ServiceMaster and how nice you were to us at a difficult time.  I have already recommended ServiceMaster in my discussions.
Tony B. of Costa Mesa, CA
Monday, December 14th
Was very satisfied with the promptness in which my phone call was handled and the promptness in which they started and finished the job.  Team is very professional and there was comminication through out the entire process.  
Steven B. of Irvine, CA
Sunday, March 15th
Estimated time of completion was correct and that was very impressive.  Was satisfied with the quality of their work.
Heather G. of Corona, CA
Saturday, February 7th
We will for sure be calling ServiceMaster again, in case this ever happens to us again, but hopefully it won't.  In February 2015 we came home to find a flood in my laundry room because of the a water line that became lose in the back of the fridge.  ServiceMaster took care of the mess quickly and were very professional.  Very grateful to work with a company that does what they said they would do. 
Holly G. of Corona, CA
Monday, February 9th
Our Agency would like to see Sevice master added to you Blue Ribbon Property Claims service.  Our area has received some up and down service from Allied/Nationwide, partly do to our service area. On one occasion that Allied's adjuster brought a contractor with him to the loss location.  That contractor did not come back to finish the job.  Our client contacted me a week later and was very upset.  I asked Service Master to go, take a look, and see what they can coordinate with Allied to the client's damage repaired.  Subsequently, my client called me to thank me for sending Service Master.  They client was very happy with the way they treated her and her house.  Service Master has given our clients professional service.  They contact the client within minutes after we give them the contact information.  Our agency has received feedback from clients that Service Master is very professional, nice and treats the clients with respect.  We have also had good feedback with Allied adjusters that have worked with Service Master, and they indicated to us that Service Master also lets our agents know what's going on with the claim and if we can do anything to help expedite the claim process. Please add Service Master to your Blue Ribbon Service Sincerely, Crystall Ransdell, Agent Tyler Insurance Agency
Crystall R. of Riverside, CA
Thursday, January 7th
Excellent work and professionalism.  Would call ServiceMaster again if the need arises.  They were prompt on the starting and ending of the job. 
Michael C. of Riverside, CA
Wednesday, January 28th
The city had a problem with their plumbing and it quickly became our problem.  Sewage backed up into our home. We were able to resume living in our home after ServiceMaster came in and took care of the horrible situation.  Would highly recommend ServiceMaster.
Jeremy M. of Moreno Valley, CA
Tuesday, March 17th
I was very happy with how quickly you started and finished the removal of all that water in my home.  Thanks for your hard work.
Mrs. F. of Palm Desert, CA
Saturday, August 22nd
My family and I were out of town for the weekend and when we returned we found out that we couldn't really get back into our home.  The Water Line to the Fridge had come off sometime during the weekend and water had been spilling for days.  Ruined my new hard wood floor and sogged up the cabinet doors and dry wall to my kitchen.  Broke my heart, since we worked so hard on the remodel ourselves.  ServiceMaster was a great help in a bad time.  They were fast and super friendly.  I'm sure I was super picky and very inpatient.  This is my home and I wanted the repairs done right.  And the repairs were done RIGHT.  My kitchen looks fantastic and I can put that weekend behind us. 
Amanda M. of Palm Desert, CA
Wednesday, June 17th
We lost furniture, clothing and many memories in this small fire.  ServiceMaster did the work to clean up the smoke damage and made sure that we did not lose more time away from our home. That matters so much when you have kids that need to be back in their home.  A big thank you to all the team at ServiceMaster.
Cynthia M. of La Quinta, CA
Wednesday, October 2nd
ServiceMaster worked very professionally and treated my home with respect.  Will recommend ServiceMaster to my neighbors, friends and family, but would rather wish they never need them.
Mike E. of Imperial, CA
Monday, August 3rd
Had nevery cleaned my dryer vent, didnt' think I needed to.  Well, you need to clean your dryer vent.  It started a small fire that ended up creeping into the wall of my bedroom, where my closet stands.  All my clothes were ruined including, my wedding dress that I had been saving for my daughter.  After talking with my insurance company, they suggested I find a restoration company.  ServiceMaster A Plus helped me with the damages and somehow managed to save some of my clothes.  We will have to buy a new wedding dress for my daughter, but she's only 3, so we got time. 
Brenda M. of Imperial, CA
Thursday, June 25th
The water line became disconnected.  Caused major water damage in the walls and floors.  ServiceMaster A Plus took care of that mess and handled everything with my insurance company.  What a releif.  
Keith W. of Brawley, CA
Thursday, August 27th
Dear Gentlemen, On July 10, late in the day, you came to our home and cleaned a very dirty chair.  You did an excellent job and would not take any payment.  Please know how much we appreciate your help and fine service.  What you did for us was very special.  Pat yourselves on the back for a job very well done in a very generous manner. 
Ray E. of El Centro, CA
Friday, July 10th
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